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Fireplace Installation in Long Island, New York

Increase the overall appeal of your property with help from the fireplace and stove installation specialists at Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace. Sleepy Hollow enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We urge all of our potential customers to contact Suffolk county consumer affairs to help them make an informed responsible choice. Contact us today to speak with a helpful member of our team and get started on your next installation project.

Installation Diagram, Fireplace Installation in Long Island, NY

Installation Diagram, Fireplace Installation in Long Island, NY

Upgrade Your Existing Fireplace

• Select a Faceplate Design • Choose the Correct Size & Style • Decide Which Insert Best Fits

Sizing Your Fireplace for a Gas Insert
Your hearth professional can assess your installation and help you select the correct fireplace insert for your heating needs. Whatever your stove or fireplace choice may be (wood burning, gas, pellet, or electric), our in-house factory-trained technicians install and repair everything we sell. This can be especially important when warranty work becomes necessary.

It's important to have measurements taken, to find the perfect fit for your fireplace. 

• A = Opening Height
• B = Width in Front
• C = Width in Back
• D = Depth in Fireplace
• E = Hearth to Mantle
• F = Hearth to Combustible Facing
• G = Distance from Hearth to Fireplace
• H = Width of Hearth
• I = Depth of Hearth
Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself
• What purpose will the insert fill—
  primary or secondary heat source?
• What area and approximate square
  footage will the insert be used to heat?
• Do you have natural or propane gas, and
  does it pump into the fireplace?

 Contact us and add an extra homey touch to your living room or den with help from our fireplace installation team in Long Island, New York.